Friday, February 14, 2014

Fortune Cookies

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.
Whip the egg whites and sugar on high speed for about 2 minutes, until it's frothy. Whip in the melted butter, vanilla, almond extract, and water until mixed. Add in the flour and mix until itjust disappears. With a tablespoon measure, spoon the batter onto the parchment paper and spread it out into an even 3 inch circle ( I used my finger towards the end.  I did about 4 at a time once I got the hang of it. They do start hardening quickly so you have to work fast.
Bake your fortune cookies for 7-8 minutes, until the edges brown slightly. If they are too dark they will snap and if they are too light they just bend all weird.
When your fortune cookies are done baking, remove them from the oven and CAREFULLY fold your fortune cookie in half--- they will be hot, but you do have to work kind of fast. That is when you slip in the note. To get the bend I used my measuring cup a little,
then bent them by hand into the muffin tin to let them keep their shape.
When all of them were done I heated up the chocolate melts and dipped the ends in and sprinkled them with red and pink sprinkles.
When all was said and done they went into a bag with a note that said "I'm fortunate to have you in my life"

Spooning Since..

I saw this recently on pintrest and thought it was cute. I've always loved play on words and I happened to have an abundance of large spoons that are not being used (watch, now I'll need them). It was easy to make too, which it great for a last minute Valentine gift or anniversary gift.

Using my silhouette cameo I wrote "Spooning Since 2005" and had it cut them out onto vinyl that I then placed onto a cardstock paper.  You can also just print onto the paper itself. I only used mine because I couldn't get it centered. I hot glued the spoons together, tied them with twine and hot glued them down to the cardstock.


Image to canvas

I saw these pictures on pintrest and fell in love. I wanted my girls to have them. I could paint them- but I knew mine would not be nearly as nice as these ones. That's when I remembered this trick involving mod podge and reversing the image, mod podging the back and peeling a layer off. it was extremely time consuming and frustrating. (directions originally from :

So I followed the directions and kept getting the same dull results (I did this about 8 times before I said forget it) Instead I printed the picture on cardstock  the correct way, mod podged the canvas and glued it down. It worked amazing. (Let it go it done my way, Anna is their way)

Here they all are my way:

Visit -let it go


Valentine card

I saw this online and began giggling so much that I knew it needed to be made for my husband. Originally it is a piece of bread, but a waffle is funnier to us so I changed it. Using my silhouette cameo  and the sketch pens I was able to remove the toast (release image compound) and replace it with a sketched version of a waffle & voilĂ :

That's the machine starting it's sketching. Super cool to watch.

Rainbowloom Valentines

So as we all know rainbow loom (cra-z-loom, etc...) are the big thing this year. I really like them to be honest. It keeps the girls occupied without electronics (unless they are watching YouTube videos). It promotes concentration, creativity and gross motor skills. For Valentines day we made their BFF's special rainbow loom cards and bracelets:

We got the card from this pin:

and the heart bracelet from this pin:

Friday, December 13, 2013

Grinch earrings


So my nickname during the Christmas season is "Grinch" and I've taken a liking to the name. So much that anything I find must be Grinch related. I saw these earrings online and it just so happens that my daughter got Shrinky Dink paper for her birthday. So what I did was printed a picture of the Grinch in paint, then traced the image onto the shrink dink paper and colored it in. I added a hole punch at the top for the earring piece. After they were baked, I added the earring part on (you can find that piece at Wal*Mart)

Wreck it Ralph Party

I've been so swamped that even though I'm working on these, I forget to post. Wreck it Ralph was not a very big movie (or at least it was bigger than Disney had anticipated). Because of that you can hardly find anything that has to do with the movie. My luck always is that my daughters always chose something that doesn't have a lot of stuff to go along with it. Luckily there is Pintrest.

The banner was made by using a white sheet and red construction paper to make bricks. I printed off Ralph and Felix. I also printed off the "Hero's Duty's" medals and wrote my daughters name instead.

Decorations are scares, but if you go to this website you'll find a bunch of annoying 3D printables that are supposed to hold up, but didn't do too well. Vanellope's legs kept falling. They made it through the party and that was the main thing.

Our main project was to build candy racers (like in the Sugar Rush video game) it was a lot hard said than done. We had to layer the car parts (3 graham crackers or wafer cookie) and then stick the wheels on held together by toothpicks.
The cake came out great! Not nearly as amazing as the original poster, but I did not have the man hours nor the candy resources. Cutting the cake to make the rims was the hardest part. To make the toppers, I went to the website (where you find the 3D Ralph), printed the pencil toppers, added a toothpick into the back and fake laminated it by using clear packaging tape.


We took a bunch of minute to win it games and called them new things based on the movie. We had
"I'm gonna Wreck it!" We took water bottles and labeled them with brick looking paper and the words "I'm gonna wreck it!!". Using a pair of tights and a baseball at the bottom of one leg, they had to knock the water bottles over.

This game was called "I can fix it!" They broke off into two teams and had to put together identical "puzzles" (coloring pages printed and glued to the cereal boxes)

"Make your mama proud"
We tied tssue boxes filled with pom pom onto the girls backs, they had to shake, shimmy (but not jump!) to get the pom poms out!