Thursday, March 15, 2012

American Girl Doll sleeping bag


What you'll need:
2 piece of patterned fabric measuring at least 20 inches long and 10-15 inches wide
2 inside pieces of fabric measuring at least 20 inches long and 10-15 inches wide
1 zipper measuring 24inches


Pin the zipper onto the right side of the outside color fabric (mine is the flower fabric)

Sew it up.
Repeat on the other zipper.

Next add the inside fabric to the opposite sides of the zippers.(do both sides of the zipper) I found laying it out like this worked best:

add batting to the wrong side of the fabric

sew around the top and the side with the zipper again.

turn them right side out. Now you should have the batting on the inside and the pattern and solid inside exactly where they should be. Here is a picture of mine. Yours should look like this on both sides:
Pin right sides together and sew the two remaining open ends. Turn right side out. You're finished!

UPDATED: I decided when I woke up this morning that adding elastic (or even ribbon) to tie the sleeping bag closed would be cute... So I added some:
Turn sleeping bag wrong side out. Un-stitch if you have to to add elastic bands (making sure you loop then) or ribbon pieces to the now inside of the sleeping bag and sew back closed

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  1. I made this for my daughter doll and she loves it!its a great idea and a lot cheaper than buying it from the American Girl store!

    1. Oh good!! The girls love having sleep overs with their cousin. So on the first night I made one for her bitty baby. That way all 6 of them had somewhere to sleep.