Sunday, December 30, 2012

Elf on the shelf got touched
While our family was in town they met our elf, Pepper-MinT. Like all kids who have come over and met him, they are skeptical and try to touch him. After the second time Pepper-MinT moved, I noticed he looked like her was in a new position. My daughter confirmed that yes, her cousin had touched him. Now, If you have an elf you know that is supposed to take away the magic and the elf can't fly back to the North Pole. She asked how I knew and I quickly told her that  I had received an e-mail from Santa who would fix everything. 
While my family was out I quickly put together a bag of glitter, and  went to the bloggers site,  printed poem:
 "Santa heard Elf is feeling blue
His magic is fading fast
St. Nick’s powers are strong and true
And Elf’s sadness will not last..."
For the full poem you must visit the original blogger
and made a letter to show I meant business ;)
Dear _________ household,
It has come to our attention at the North Pole that Elf # 060320058685, AKA Pepper-MinT has been touched by a child in your house. Touching an elf results in losing his/her ability to come back to the North Pole at night. Enclosed is magic glitter from Santa himself that will help Pepper-MinT regain his Christmas magic. Simply have the child who touched him sprinkle some glitter on the elf. Please be care and do not to it again- Santa’s orders.

Thank you,

Gladice, Elf control

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