Friday, March 23, 2012

Pregnant Belly cake

Pintrest Objective:

This post will make me look like a maniac- and honestly after just finishing the BAKING part of this cake I need a beer at's 5 somewhere, right? lol

So my sister is due in April with another little girl. I always saw the pregnant belly cakes and thought they were funny. This time especially because she is having a C-section and it's making me giggle...don't ask why. Well I have gone through pintrest and pinned several cakes that I thought my sister would like. All of which do not have HOW to make them! argh!!!! So As of 9am I started this cake. I'm praying it works!

After Facebook-ing both Wilton (who never response) and Betty Crocker I was able to get an idea of how to make this. Betty says "Heat oven to 325°F. Spray 2 1/2-quart ovenproof bowl with baking spray with flour. In large bowl, make 1 box of cake batter as directed on box. Pour batter into ovenproof bowl. Bake 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes or until toothpick inserted comes out clean. Cool 15 minutes. Run knife just around top edge of cake. Remove cake from bowl; place rounded side up on cooling rack."

What you'll need:
Cake mix
fondant- I have seen belly cakes without fondant, but I don't think they look as clean.
butter cream
food coloring gels
fondant cutters
I also bought a nifty little pan from Wilton cake pan that looks like four domes (also look like boobs) I'm hoping it works because the stand house pan I bought from them does not.
Pyrex glass bowl- Pyrex is known for being able to bake in. I hope this is true! If you don't have one of those- Wilton also makes the basketball cake pan.


 So I remember googling "baking cake in Pyrex bowl" and came across the doll dress  here (which essentially will be my belly for the cake) It said 350 but Wilton said I messed up on their house cake because the oven was up too high and there was more batter in the pan than you usually do so you should bake it at a lower temperature. Sooo Betty said 325 degrees- I went with Betty. 40 minutes to go and the cake was browning around the edges and raw in the middle...I was on the phone with my mom who has baking experience and well... lets just say I have already taken my built up anger and pms emotions out on the first's now in the garbage.

I have a Wilton cake pan (can be used to make small princess skirts, etc...) I lowered the temperature from the belly to about 310 (because now thinking about it my oven really is evil and does bake things too hot).

After about 20 minutes I looked in the oven and held my breath- it was working. I checked the toothpick-clean.

It's now set out for a couple minutes and the puffy top is now deflated and the tooth pick is not coming out clean- wth? I'm starting to re-think this whole thing and am glad my mom is getting a spare.

I calmed down and before pulling another Jason Vororhees on the boobs I popped them back into the oven and just kept an evil eye on them. They are finally done and cooling on a rack- if this stomach doesn't turn out I'm simply turning them into something else I saw on pintrest.

 I also tried my hand at another belly cake and again with 30 minutes to spare its browning in some weird spots. I simply got out the tin foil and wrapped it around the rims and am praying like hell this is going to work. I'm doing it at 310 degrees and it's been over an hour. I honestly just kept a watchful eye on it. I let it set for 10 minutes before scraping the edges with one of my icing spatula and turned it over onto a wire rack to cool.

Now I'm checking the proportions of the boobs next to the belly.

Now to ice it. I had to do each piece individually.

Okay so now if about the time that I admit it's 4pm and I've got ADD. I finished the mini princess cakes first, picked up my daughter from school and have been putting off using the fondant, because I've never used it by myself. The last time I did it, my best friend took it over and finished it. She's awesome like that. I love her :)

My husband actually had to roll out the last bit for me because he's buff like that ;)

then I rolled it back onto my rolling pin and placed it onto the cake.

I smoothed it out and cut away the extra and made a dress out of the fondant that was on the board

then dyed the fondant pink, re-rolled it out and started using my cookie cutters

I used water to stick on the fondant flowers.

I added a bow and sleeves just by rolling the fondant and making strips

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  1. This post couldn't have come at a better time! I'm making my friends belly cake for next saturday and I'm completely lost! Lol I made my wedding cake but never a belly cake. How do I follow you?!

    1. Oh Good! I hope it went well!!! If you need help, don't hesitate to let me know. I believe in the right corner there is a spot that says "follow me because I'm lonely"

  2. wow. thank you. my brother and his wife are expecting their 3rd in april. should find out what it is, a few days before christmas so I'll be making this for christmas/reveal. Any idea on how to make it look like mrs. claus or maybe an elf? thanks

    1. That sounds so fun!!! If you dye the majority of the fondant red and roll it over the cake for the dress. For Mrs. Claus the fluffy part could be white cotton candy? and a white bow under the chest. The elf you could cut a collar in green, maybe add green trim around the bottom. Good luck, I'd love to see a picture of the finished product!

  3. Hi Ms. M I saw your post in Pinterest ans I think its awesome. wendy from

  4. Reading this made me laugh and feel a little better after watching all the 'perfect' how to's out there. Making this for our niece's shower in April. Made plenty of cakes but never a shaped one or used fondant. Hope I don't get too mad at it, my ADD and OCD just don't mix on something like this and I am little worried. But you give me hope. :)

    1. Haha! I hate the perfect blogs. That's why I made my two. Shaped cakes are a pain (especially for us OCDers) Fondant is a lot of fun to work with (not in the heat though) Just relax and have fun. I was petrified of making this cake. I'm glad I didn't give up. You can always message me if you need help! I'd love to see your finished work. Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

    2. Tonight was the first test. Baked the cake for an hour at 300. Tin foil ring on the larger bowl. I am adding more batter the next time so the bake time will probably increase. Used buttercream icing on the cake and a buttercream fondant. Will be adding more vanilla to both icings the next go round. Changing the fondant by halving the shortening and putting in butter. Hoping for a more buttercream taste. Had to refrigerate the fondant as my house is so warm, it wanted to reform into a tube on the rolling pin. The good thing is my husband doesn't care, more cake for him to eat. Here is a link to my FB and pictures of my first effort.

    3. They turned out great! Have you tried Marshmallow fondant? In a microwave safe bowl you put the marshmallows (as much or as little as you want) in there, coat them with water. Add a little vanilla for flavor. Microwave for a few minutes (keeping an eye on it). Take them out and add powder sugar until it is as smooth as regular fondant. You do have to add a lot of powder sugar so that it's not sticky. It taste good tough.
      Good thing you put it in the fridge! for my daughters birthday in August I wasn't thinking and just kept trying to work on everything. Can't wait to see the finished one :)

    4. Got it done and it came out beautifully. Head over to my facebook link and see what I did. Our niece loved it. We used the marshmallow fondant with vanilla icing underneath. The one cake was yellow, the other was chocolate and the belly was fudge ripple. It was so pretty that I hated it when they cut it.

    5. WOW!! Great Job! I love the colors :) I hated cutting into my sisters cake too. I'm glad she liked it. I love my kitchenaid mixer. During Black Friday I got mine from Kohls for $70!