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Minnie Mouse Ears for American Girl Doll

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Once again I found myself wanting to make something I did not have these exact pieces. So I had to alter this pattern to make it work with what I've got! I made a pair of Minnie ears for Hailey when she was a newborn, this was pretty much the same thing. I'm sad I didn't come up with it first!

What you'll need:
Black felt:
2 strips of black measuring: 10″ x  .75″ (note it does not go all the way around the head- that's 12")
4 circles measuring 2.75" around ( I had to use a Rockstar can to trace that! haha) cut off one end to make a flat bottom
elastic (11 1/2")
glue gun


Find the center of your headband and mark it with a pin. Then make two slits in the band and set aside.

Sew the "ear" pieces together and turn right side out, stuffing it with batting along the way. If you want a "flatter" ear look I suggest going to the original bloggers page and following her directions. You'll need stiff black felt instead. Push the flat part of the ears into the slits of the headband and sew on.

Next you'll need to add the elastic- to save time threading it through the band, I "sandwhiched" it in between my bottom band piece and top band piece and sewed it together (see pictures to understand)

Next measure on your dolls head and sew together elastic pieces making sure it's a snug fit. Please not the felt pieces are not long enough to cover all the elastic...or at least mine were not.
Now you need to get your ribbon out and make a  simple hair bow.
Hot glue it onto the headband and you have Minnie ears! Hannah loves yellow, so naturally we chose yellow! ;)

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