Monday, March 25, 2013

Stick picture frame

As some of you know, we're getting ready for our hoedown at school. We've already got the farm animal hats, and the barn door back drop. Then the teachers came up with a really cute idea: twig picture frames that the kids will kind of help make and give out to their parents for Mothers Day.

You'll need
*Some twigs in the size  you want for the photo. For a 4x6 picture we're using 9x7 twigs.
*Cardboard or construction paper (we did 5x7)
*Hot glue gun (optional- this might help with the twig binding part. I didn't use mine- i wish I did, but I couldn't find it!)

You start by cutting the twigs down to the size you desire. Next I tied that group of stick together  to keep them from sliding.

After that I began wrapping it around the second set of twigs (tightly) then tie off. Repeat all the steps until you have a frame.

Take a hole puncher and add a hole to the top and bottom of the paper. Thread some string through and tie to a part of the picture frame. I don't have my finished project until Mothers Day!


farm animal hats,
 barn door back drop.
Twig frame
Salt Dough animals
Pony rides
Petting zoo
Lasso the cows (Cow cut outs and hula hoops)
Line Dancing
Sack races
Horse shoes

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