Thursday, July 19, 2012

Minute to Win it games

So I've only heard about this game show. Never watched it. I don't exactly have a lot of *down time* I search "party games" because my daughters having a dolly and me party and we needed some extra fun ideas to get he girls moving. I took two different pins for "minute to win it" games and chose the ones I thought looked the best. and added our own.
**For privacy of other people I only show pictures of my kids***
So we took the girls in teams of two to play. They had to go up against each other to see who could win in one minute.

We took:

The cards and bottle game:

I didn't have a glass starbucks bottle, so I had to use a cup we got from Disneyland. The point is to see who can blow the deck of cards off first---all but the last one. Amazingly enough, this was a little tricky. If you blow too hard they all fall off. Too light, nothing.

The booty shaking

We took two boxes of zip locs, emptied them out and cut down the opening JUST a bit. Then we added  those pom poms (other people use tissue boxes and ping pong balls- I'm working with what I've got guys!) I taped ribbon to the sides so we can tie them around the girls waist. Each girl has 29 pom poms in their box. The one who has less in at the end of one minute wins

---Hilarious to watch and try---

and the bite a bag game.

This one takes talent. They have to squat down (no hands!) and bit the edge of the bag. As they go the bag gets smaller and smaller. The girl who gets the farthest in the shortest amount of time wins.

Then we have:

The cereal puzzle game:

We took two fronts of a cereal box and cut them into a puzzle. First team to put it together correctly wins.

The cup and Straw game

Each girl has their own cup and straw. They must blow their cup across the table first The first team with everyone (or most) people done wins.

We also added the egg relay.

The prize if you're wondering was first dibs on the cupcake fondue

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