Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ringtone from itunes for iphone 5

I did it!   For reasons a mile long I kept a simple pay as you go phone and only used it in an emergency. In the end it really did kill my social life. I never text or called people if I was out unless someones leg was chopped off. So this weekend I finally jumped on the society train after 3 1/2 years I got a new phone. Not just any phone. A iphone.

I admit that after  only 3 days of fiddling with it, I'm impressed. I always have been with Apple, but man are they pricey! I saw it as an investment however, because my husband needs to know iOS for work and lucky me I got to be the next one who received the nice new toy :)

First thing I wanted to do was learn to make a new ringtone. I almost bought one, but just knew there was a way around it. Sure enough itunes makes it extremely easy!

Pick your song. play it and find the part you want to be your ringtone starts and ends (no more than 30 seconds)

RIGHT click it, go to "get info" the little screen will come up

Chose "options" in that tab there will be a part that says "start time" and "stop time"  remember step one? write those numbers in those spots and then click OK

Right click the song again and hit  "create ACC version" this will make a new copy of the song

take the new file and drag it to your desk top. It should say the song nam

**IMPORTANT** If you haven't already you need to go to windows and control panel. Select folder options, then view Uncheck the "hide extensions file"

STEP FIVE and a half:
".m4a " change the "a" to an "r"  it will prompt you about changing the name, click OK

Drag that file back into your itunes. It will be under "tones" when you go to the tab that shows you what is on your phone

Add the tone to your phone and sync



  1. TOTALLY doing this!!! I have done it before, but have been lazy. I forgot how easy it was!

  2. (PS: I know you rarely get comments on here, but I do read your posts! haha I donno if I'm the only one, but hey, keep it up! I've even tried a couple you have! Go meygan!)


    1. Haha. Well, Thanks Michele! Sorry I don't have pictures. The camera and computer were not cooperating

  3. It's alright :) Just gotta use my imagination haha.