Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Amelia Earhart Aviator Hat


My daughters second grade class is doing biographies on historical characters. They had to pick  a few people (then the teacher made the final choice). The banana go her second choice, Amelia Earhart.
After asking around we found a friend who had a leather jacket to borrow for the report. We had a fake red scarf I made when my husband and I were supposed to be Eric and Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She will wear her sisters brown pants and black boots.  We needed a hat. After pintresting it (my new word after "google it" ) We found an aviator hat pattern.
We went to JoAnns and used two  40 % off coupons and got 1/4 yard brown (that kind of fuzzy) fabric and brown binding for $2.50!! such a steal.

Heres what we did:

We went to the original posters page, printed the pattern. I made my own pieces larger (you could also try to just blow the picture up a little in paint.
Then I measured the fabric around my daughters head (because making a pattern seemed silly). I made a SMALL slit in the fabric to mark the length. For width I used the binding package.

I pinned the triangle pieces together and sewed them closed. When I was finished I double checked that it fit her still. Then I pinned the band and ear muffs to the hat

and sewed it together also.


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