Thursday, November 1, 2012

Scooby- Doo pumpkin

Alright, I'm a day late and if people are following me and wondering where I've been, the answer is simple: Stomach flu. Yep the plague hit our house after visiting family who were still contagious and didn't know it.

So if you haven't guessed from previous posts,  the girls are really into Scooby-Doo! right now. So our pumpkins must be carved according to costumes. I went to the main page of the pin and printed the Scooby pattern. So... I can never actually see the stupid dots when I use a pattern the "correct" way. So I make up my own. I end up trimming the paper down and tracing the lines on with a sharpie.  After that I carved the pumpkin out.

For Velma and Daphne I had to find a coloring page, crop it to just their heads  and enlarge it in paint (go to print set up- make sure the page prints vertically, and enlarge the image until it is the full page). Then I cut out the images piece by piece and sketched in what I needed. This is where it got tricky, because I wasn't sure where to carve without knocking the whole thing out. I think it was the combination of feeling better from the stomach flu but then getting allergies from the weather change. So I cut the hair outline out, leaving a small gap so that the whole thing wouldn't fall in and called it a night. The girls did a great job on their pumpkins, right??

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We hope you had a safe and fun one!

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