Thursday, November 15, 2012

Scooby-Doo Birthday cake

As you've guess we're really into Scooby doo! around here right now. After pinning about 10 different Scooby cake ideas we decided on one, just the top and middle tier though- I didn't care much for the blue tier. First we had to buy the toy figures ($10 at ToysRus compared to $16 on Amazon). Which we chalked up to her being a birthday present from us. First thing I did was take the number of tiers down from 3 to 2. I baked  two 6 in and two 8 inch vegan chocolate cakes. I let them cool. After that iced them. Then it was time for fondant fun. I had to make my own this time around because one of the kids is allergic to dairy. No worries... there is a pin for that. Which is my new saying.
**Quick note : Make sure you really powder and butter the surface you're working on! and make sure the fondant is tough- not too soft (like melted marshmallow)**
  1. Marshmallows - they can be big marshmallows or mini ones, either one works fine.
  2. Powder sugar
  3. Food coloring
  4. Vanilla (or any flavor really)
 Take a handful of marshmallows in a microwave safe bowl. Add a bit of water (and some flavoring) and mix it up a little.  Heat up for 10 second intervals. mixing as you go.

 After that I added a bunch of powdered sugar (the original blogger does not specify). Butter your fork while mixing the two together. You want to have it REALLY stiff or when you try to put the fondant on the cake it will turn out like this:

You can add the food coloring after it's formed in a white ball or before. It didn't seem to matter. Now it's time to decorate! I have my colors (lime green, purple, orange,  neon blue, and pink). While working with the fondant I constantly added powdered sugar to keep it from sticking. It got to a point though that I flipped the fondant mat onto of the cake just to insure it wouldn't rip.

It was apparently a wedding cake originally- I would have put Daphne and Fred on the top for that...buut that's just me. All in all it was a very inspiring cake and I liked it (obviously).

for the strips, I just rolled the fondant out and placed it over the white fondant. The balls are the same- roll them and place them in a pattern.. The flowers are fondant cutters I own

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