Friday, January 4, 2013

Clothes pin dress

The first big project of second grade is an ancestor report- second grade!! Well, we did not have any relatives on either side that went far back anymore. Thankfully they could question grandparents. Part of the project required knowing where your ancestors came from and making a clothes pin doll that represented that country.
Since she chose to do my side I showed he traditional Danish, Czechoslovakian (what use to be, anyway) and English outfits. Out of all the outfits she liked the one from the Czech site best.
We started by painting the clothes pin peach and adding jewelry wire around the "body" to act as arms. I got the idea from this pin :

After the paint had dried we added air dry clay to the wire, which is something I learned in art class, and painted the clay peach. Then we had to let the whole thing dray again while we worked on the skirt.

We took and measured a square of fabric the length we wanted, pined it and sewed the sides clothes. If you look at the dress there is a design around the bottom. We took red and white (blue, white and red where the colors of their flag). She pinned and sewed that down. Then Hannah had to learn how to gather the fabric. When it was done we tied and hot glued it down to the doll. The apron is a piece of lace with ribbon sewn to it to tie it around the body.

The most annoying part was cutting a shirt and vest to size. We used "tube" looking pieces for the sleeves and wrapped the end around the arms to make them look poofy. We added red "lacing" to the vest to make it look like it was tied together. After that  I taught her how to do the lazy daisy stitch to a design on the back of the vest.
Once the clothes were glued and sewn down we had to hot glue some hair on. Sadly, we did not have brown yarn, and of course she had to have brown hair like her. So we settled for brown sewing thread which we hot glued to the head. For the head band we used a pipe cleaner and some extra Lego flower pieces. The face was happily painted on by Hannah using nail polish and a toothpick!

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