Friday, January 18, 2013

Refilling a Swiffer Wet Jet Bottle

Alright, I admit: It's January 18th and I have not been working on my blogs. I'm OK with that.  I've been pretty busy with my new hitting the gym, school, family, etc.. Today I was obsessively cleaning (and I say that because I pulled everything out of my pantries to organize and clean). I went to do my last chore: "mop" the floors. I don't have a lot of tile floor being in a apartment, so I was amazed to see that I've gone through all my cleaners.

I do however have Pine Sol, which if diluted properly is an all purpose cleaner. But how to do it without having to pull a bucket and real mop out like my mom used to? Well, I'm hoping this pin works!

What you'll need:

 Nail clippers (If you want to make the lid easy to come off all teh time) I did not do this because I was terrified of making it leak).

boiling water in pan
the swiffer bottle.

Heat water to a boil in pan. Place Swiffer bottle in for aprox. 1 1/2 minutes.

The lid should be HOT and pop right off once you can get past the hot part. ( I used a towel to twist it off)

Refill and pop the lid back on. To make it that the you can always get the lid off, you'll have to visit the original bloggers page.

Now, to test this with my swiffer:

IT WORKS!!!!!!! Oh this is going to save me SO much money!

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