Thursday, January 24, 2013

Valentine Heart Garlands

 My internet is finally working again! No thanks to AT&T. Anyway Since I've been off the computer, TV, and Phone (seriously AT&T) I've been keeping busy by cleaning,  running and working out, and well, attempting to craft.
 With Valentines Day not too far away I thought we'd get a head start and decorate. I tried two different heart garlands. Both start the same way: Cut paper (preferably sturdy paper-I did not have that) into strips.

I centered the strips and creased the end. With the two open sides I bend them inward and stapled the middles together. Then I linked a new strip through and did the same thing until the garland was the size I wanted.


 I think this one would have worked better if I had been using scrapbook paper or a harder paper. Construction paper just was not doing it's job. If you do have that one,  you do the same thing as before (bending and creasing) but before you staple, you get another one ready and staple both at one time.

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