Friday, May 3, 2013

Cardboard Airplane

The final phases of our Amelia Earhart project are coming to an end.  We already have the aviator hat. We just got some tan colored pants and her sisters boots. I have a red scarf, and a borrowed leather jacket. All we need now is the cardboard airplane.

 Amazingly enough I remember seeing Parents or Family Fun Magazine making one some issue way back.When I searched on pintrest for it I found the exact same thing by a blogger and just decided to use hers. We had just gotten a package in the mail that was the perfect box size too.

The first thing you do is cut off all the flaps EXCEPT ONE of the SMALLER flaps. You'll tape that down afterward and this becomes your top piece. Next you cut kind of a long U shape into the top next to the flap you just taped down. This will be how your pilot "gets in and out" (really it's there for look, they go underneath). Below the top flap that you taped down you will need to make a slit for the wings of the plane. Also make one in the back for the back fin.

Please note: The front of the plane is to your right...sorry my finger got in there...


* You will need to make 2 flaps into the wings of the plane by cutting two little rectangles out of the bottom. This will then be able to slide into the slits you made in the plane and you can tape it down.

*To make the propellers, you take one flap and draw a line down the middle. Then make a triangle (with a flat top) to it. After you've made your two circles you will glue the flat tops of the triangle pointing towards each other. and a second circle on top to cover it. Then glue onto the plane.

*The back fin is pretty easy. I cut a curve from the top to the side right, made the slit piece on the left hand side (just like with the wings!). I also made a small cut in the middle to add the extra flap.

There you have it!

I also added straps to the plane so she would be able to read her report on Tuesday. We also added Amelia's first planes :The Kinner Airster AKA The Canary to one side and The Red Bus to the other.

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