Monday, June 10, 2013

Wonder Woman cuffs


Our Disney Princess days are over. It's a bitter sweet end to the girls  being "little"  Now we are into super heros- which is cool by me because I've always been a fan. I saw these on pintrest and had the felt on hand and decided to quickly whip them up. I started by measuring the felt around her wrist, then with a fondant start cutter I traced the red fabric and sewed them onto the head band and wrist guards. I took some Velcro and sewed that to the ends of the wrist guards to keep them on.The head band is actually just half and then elastic around the back to make it stay.

 I even made some for her Elizabeth doll. The crowns tip is a little big and since the photo has been cut down slightly. I also didn't have enough yellow felt to double the thickness or enough red thread to add trim. It would have looked even better. Either way she loves it.

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