Friday, September 20, 2013

Taffeta Muttonfudge Costume

There wasn't really a tutorial to show me what to do for this. I had to really wing it. Thankfully my daughter owns a lot of pink.For the shirt and skirt (although in real life it's a pink glittery dress with a stripe. Since we can kinda zip her jacket no one is going to notice) I found two pink things and added a wavy white line through the skirt using ribbon, I barely had enough!

We already owned a pink jacket (luckily the zipper just broke, so I didn't feel bad when I altered it). I added red binding to the bottom of the jacket, tucked in the hood and made a green collar. For the white stripes on the side, you could use more binding (but I didn't have any) So I went through the house and found some brand new white shoe laces and sewed those onto it.

The leggings (not pictured) were a pair that were really dirty and honestly she refused to wear to school. So I took some thick white ribbon and traced the stripes in correct spots and painted them onto the leg. I've seen people spray paint them on, which looks nice as well. Also people might use thick ribbon, which would have been nice but the whole meaning of the costumes was to reduce the costs since we're going to Disneyland

The hat I used the same basic idea found   here . Except I did NOT add a bottom "ribbon" I made a  thin hat brim instead. Also, before I sewed the top closed I added the strawberry leaves and stem.

The gloves were by far the hardest thing to figure out. I tried using this pin

but I failed miserably. When I first printed it I felt like it was extremely small. I figured since it was for a childs hand it would be OK. I was wrong. The first attempt I accidentally cut the thumb hole out on both pieces, which ruined it. The second attempt I realized it was too small no matter what.  So I traced my daughters hand (big for seam allowance) and that didn't work. Almost 1/4 yard of white fabric and really frustrating time spent on it, my daughter turns to me and says, "Oh wait! I know what you can do!!" She ran to the bathroom and got out an extra pair of hair dye gloves I keep on hand and told me to trace that onto the fabric. IT WORKED!

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