Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Baby Doll Sling

Pintrest Objective:

So Hailey is obsessed with bringing Nora everywhere with her right now. The problem? she walks really slow and wants to hold Nora in not one arm, but both. I saw this on Pintrest and instantly wanted one for Hailey.  I also just unpacked all of my fabric and I'm ready to go!

What you need:
tape measure
fabric and thread
sewing machine

1) Start by measuring the baby doll in question ( I did not do this, because I wanted the sling to also fit Minnie, Hailey's 15" doll who was still in a box somewhere). Cut the piece of fabric 10" wide and 6" longer than the doll (in my case 21" long, 10" wide).

2) Measure your childs back from shoulder to waist (it doesn't matter which side). Make this cut 6" wide by whatever length you got from your measurement. This will be your shoulder strap.

3) Sew right sides together on shoulder strap, turn right side out.

4) Hem the body piece of fabric and gather edges together.

 This is a picture of the hemmed body piece and the right side out strap.

5) Gather the ends big enough to fit into the slings straps. I folded the end of the strap in to make it smooth

 6) Test on your child and sew together.

The Verdict? I think the baby would stay better this some elastic in the corners too. Other than that, Hailey loves it!

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