Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tooth Fairy pouch

Pintrest objective: http://pinterest.com/pin/195765915021950960/

This morning over my morning cup of coffee, I was skimming pintrest looking for something to sew (Hey, If I do food everyday my waistline will grow and I'm out of cinnamon anyway). So I was going to make a tooth pillow for my oldest who is 6 and losing teeth now (this is where I shudder) Then I was going to make something else (I have no plan here people... I started this blog a little earlier than I planned. I wanted a schematic and everything...I don't have one)

After seeing another pin about February 28th being National Tooth Fairy Day, I have to do it :)

What you need:
Sewing machine

1) The pillow itself will be a square. This can be as big as you want.

2) After I have my square I placed white felt over it to see how big I was going to need the tooth to be. I sketched it onto the white felt and cut it out.

3) Next I took black thread and made two French Knots for the eyes and a red back-stitched mouth. (Need help learning these stitches? try my blog: Sew Crafty Mommy).

4) Next sew the tooth to the pillow- make sure to leave the top open.
5) Using the blanket stitch, stitch around the tooth, making sure not to go through the pillow.
Use the Blanket Stitch the whole way around the tooth:

6) with "right sides" together, sew the pillow around all four sides, leaving a small hole to pull the pillow right side out.

7)Once the pillow is the right way, stuff the pillow with batting and stitch together using the Ladder Stitch

Ta da!

I realized after it was stitched together that the tooth is crooked. Oh well, it's still cute :)

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