Monday, August 12, 2013

Super Hero Party

First, I have to say, Super hero's are not  just for boys. Everywhere I looked there was only boy stuff. I loved super heros as a little girl and I am so excited that my two girls love them now.  I was so excited when my youngest wanted a Justice League and Spider-man party.

Now that the cake is out of the way, it's onto the actual party planning. I kind of switched this pin up. I used her main idea of the games, but incorporated it into one big training/obstacle course. You're more than welcome to though!

Using an extra piece of poster board I made out sign :


I also made some decorations using construction paper. Each one is a Superhero's logo with string attached so that it could be added to the tent we put up.

When all the children were here we made superhero masks (bought at Target during their Justice League Summer event- perfect timing!!) picture not included, sorry


The first thing I did was download every Super hero cartoon theme song I could think of (or liked) That way the kids had "powerful music" to run the course through. The find out how I did the mp3 from youtube, click here.We played them through our home made iphone speakers

 to recreate these speakers you need either toilet or paper towel roll and two cups. Cut holes in the sides of the cups and slip onto roll. Measure the base of your iphone and cut the hole out. To make ours a little nicer looking I wrapped a piece of paper around the tube.
The Training course consisted of a  "U" shaped spot where there were a lot of trees to pin the pictures of the super villains that they had to spray with Spiderman's webbing . In between each tree was a "building" that the superhero's had to leap over in a single bound.  

Another was when the kids had to remove kryptonite from on top of Superman (a dive stick we own) with a pair of kitchen tongs and then continue on with their building leaping and villain spraying until they reached the last tree. 

 To make the Kryptonite we sprayed scrunched up pieces of tin foil green. We kept ours in a tub and had them place the other pieces of kryptonite into a bag I kept next to the tub.

That is when they had to spin around with their heads on a baseball bat and then try to pin Batman's Bat logo onto him:


After everyone completed the course, they were officially superheros and we pinned their Superman style emblem onto them.

To make the emblems, I printed a picture of Supermans, then on a second piece of paper made the first letter of each childs name. Then cut them out with felt.
Scavenger Hunt

When the party was coming to an end I called out "Who wants a goody bag??"  Of course every child yells "ME! ME!" and comes running over where I am "looking" for the bags. That's when we discovered that the Riddler had stolen the goody bags!!

The First card read:

"Riddle me this Justice Friends
As (name)'s Party comes to an end.
You'll notice the goody bags are what I took.
Want them back? You'll have to look.
Follow these clues, it will be quite a task 
Superheros hide their identities by using _ _ _ _ _ "

The children ran to where we made the masks. Inside the box (the whole time!!) was another Riddle card that read

"My enemy's a 'good guy' he fights for the right
He is known to Gotham City as The Dark Knight"

The kids scrambled over to pin the bat to Batman. Behind the board was the final clue from The Riddler.

"The goody bags are what you seek
You'll find them near what makes Superman weak"

This one was the funny part. because the kids ran back over to the Kryptonite tub and looked around. That's when my oldest daughter realized all the kryptonite pieces were in the bag next to the tub.
Earlier in the day I had placed all the goody bags in that bag with a green dish cloth covering them so that when the kids looked in they wouldn't see them.


Inside ours we bought the bags (at Target) then during the Summer Justice League thing at Target we picked up the $1 section toys (sand art, coloring page, Superman magnet), and added a glow stick. We also added a "create your own Super hero" sheet I found on pintrest:

The kids (and parents) had a blast!

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