Monday, August 12, 2013

Super hero cake

Okay I know it's been a long time (but I've been busy outside of pintrest- I know)

As you might have guessed, the girls are seriously into Superheros now (yay!) So I spent a good part of Summer making Superhero costumes for their American Girl dolls (check back later!) and props and game ideas to pull of this fantastic party. We'll get into that later also. Let's focus on my favorite part:


 I baked 2 boxes of cake mix into two 8" rounds, two 6" and two 3" round pans. After they were finished baking I set them out to cool while I took the girls to the pool (after all I was doing this on the birthday girls real birthday. She needed to have some fun)

The first thing I did when I got back was make Wonder Womans crown because it needed time to stiffen up. To do that I dyed some pre made fondant yellow and rolled it about 1/8'' thick. Using an x acto knife I made the shape of the crown. Then placed it around a cup with some pillars on either side to keep it steady. Then I added the red star using one of my fondant cutters and water.

To make Batman, Super man and Spider-man's emblems, I printed them out onto a piece of paper, then cut them out and placed them on top of the fondant in the correct colors. Using the x acto knife again I cut them out.

Next I took the cakes and leveled them off using a serrated knife. I then iced each set of cakes and rolled out the fondant for each cake. I used blue for Super man, White for Batman, and red for Spider-man.

I know Spider-man isn't from the Justice League (or a DC character for that matter) However we've always loved him in our family. To make his tier I rolled out red fondant and placed it over the cake. After it dried a little, I added the webbing with a black food color marker. Then I added the classic black spider emblem with some water to make it stick.


I rolled his tier out in white fondant because we had bought (using a 40% off coupon) the Wilton Silver food coloring spray. We've used this product before and it is a lot of fun.
 All I did was cover this tier in blue and add the emblem on. When I was finished with each cake I wrapped the bottoms in yellow (which we said was Wonder Womans "lasso of truth")

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