Monday, December 10, 2012

Bread Basket

With my family being so far away half of the time we don't get to celebrate the holidays with them very often. My sister was out this week and we decided we needed to celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving with her. I chose to make some dinner rolls, a turkey made out of veggies, and a bread bowl.

Now, because this was for a "big event" I did not want to risk using a dough that would be gross. I stuck with the one I typically use. The recipe can be found here:

I started with making the rolls and letting them rise in the oven once. After that I punched it down, and formed most of them into rolls. The other half I rolled into long strips and placed them onto a heavily greased upside down bowl. I say heavily because I did mine lightly and well, it didn't want to come off the bowl. My husband eventually got it off. Once I had a few rows I started weaving longer strips around the side of the bowl. 
After that I let them rise one last time before baking the whole thing like I would rolls. The results were cute. Everyone thought it was cute and a fun idea to add to our made up holiday.

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