Thursday, December 6, 2012

Making your Elf on the Shelf Bend

I was so excited to get our elf on the shelf. I was prepared to have oodles of fun posing him in different positions and making him do funny things. I was not however aware of the fact that when I got my elf he would not be able to do those things. It wasn't until I came across this womans post about it that I found out what was going on. People doctor their elves by adding wire into their bodies and sewing them back up.

What you'll need:
Wire (she used 14'' I had 24'' on hand and just doubled it up)
Wire cutters (to bend the endges over so that they are rounded and not pokie)
Thread (red and white)
Stitch remover
velco (optional if you want to velco the hands)
hot glue gun (for velcro)

Start by taking a few stitched out of the hands and feet. I measured my wire on the outside, but you're free to eye ball it or feed it into the elves body parts and then cut it off where you feel necessary. If you are using thin wire like I did, bend it over and wrap a second set of wire over it to keep it sturdy.  I also added some wire in his back to see if that would help him stay up!

When you have finished with wiring the body, simply close him up. Now we are ready for better mischief tomorrow!  I did not add the Velco because it would be too obvious to the girls and I don't want them asking questions. Check out what Peppermint has been up to this year: Here

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