Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Snowmen Cupcakes



So I need to make some cupcakes for my daughters Holiday party. It can't be anything that has to do with any holiday. That pretty much leaves Snowmen and Snowflakes.  It also gets trickier when one of the kids in the class is allergic to dairy. No problem,  I made Vegan cupcakes. They are really good (and moist compared to the other chocolate cupcakes from a box).

I saw this on pintrest about using a marshmallow as icing for a cupcake. I thought this was perfect because I needed something without butter or milk and the only canned icing I had on hand was green.  I placed them on the cupcakes 5 minutes prior to removing them.

 Now I admit I did not look at the end results on the persons blog. If I had, I never would have done it. It was not the texture I was looking for in anyway shape or form.

I ended up having to scrape it all off and making  marshmallow fondant for the top. I got exactly what I wanted.

I then took some clear sugar sprinkles and dipped the tops in it. Using mini M&M's and mini Chocolate chips I made the face. For the Dairy free kid I used Skittles and raisins.

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