Friday, June 29, 2012

Colored Spaghetti

There wasn't much to the original source- We weren't sure if this was an "eat it as a fun dinner thing" I mean, we assumed. But you know what they say when you "ass-u-me" something right? That you shouldn't ;)

So we put the noodles in zip loc bags with colored water and let them absorb color.

After they dried. We really weren't sure what to do with them.

 So we cooked them thinking they would be a really cool looking dinner. While they were cooking we noticed the water was turning green. Alas, the colors didn't stay on our noodles.
I do remember now that for Saint Patricks day I put the food coloring in the water and THAT'S how we got it to go green. However if you want more than one color you're really wasting your water/electricity dying and cooking each color separately.

Honestly.... I Think this was an "art" piece...not a dinner idea.

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