Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lego Friend Car

Yesterday I was "deep cleaning" my girls room when I discovered that their dear Lego Friend's tree house had been destroyed, again. I spent a good amount of time the second time digging through their tubs searching and putting it back together. Now I have to do it again, which okay, I don't. But these are the only ones I make a fuss about.

 So we actually OWN this kit. The problem, is that I didn't put it together with the girls and never saw it put together... Then the instructions were thrown away (thanks Husband!!). So you ask "Well, what did it look like?" No one can tell me! AH!  I knew it was a mini car and that was it! So I had to search pintrest just to find a picture!

So I sorted what I KNEW were Friend/ girly looking Lego pieces (see the tree house? all better)

Basing it on the picture from pintrest I started
Then I was adding the wheel and it wasn't looking right. Finally my six year old looks over and says, "No mom, the base is it's own special piece" Then I gave her that TV "You've got to be kidding me" look and started over

 I put it back together the correct way
But can't find the windshield ANYWHERE... I mean I'm looking through this:

and the other pile. It's hopeless, it really wasn't in this pile :( . However, I'm glad I got it this far!

UPDATED: June 20th 2012
I FOUND IT!!!!  We were moving some stuff in our daughters room and we found the wind shield and the missing Lego Friend head, yes!

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