Tuesday, June 26, 2012

House Rules


I'd always seen this on pintrest and thought how nice. Last night I typed up my own, using Word. (found directions here:

It really wasn't as difficult as  I thought it would be. I just wrote in my list of rules, changed the fonts, kept them on one line (re sizing certain fonts) and changed the colors randomly. The girls and I sat down and talked about it a little bit. Then we taped it (because I'm out of frames) to the back of a cabinet that faces our living room. This way it's always visible.

no original source

Our other pin of the day is not as fancy as the original bloggers. I'm sure if I had had spare scrapbook paper it would have been awesome. But it's simple and gets the point across. We're working with the girls to think before they say something. I.e: will it hurt someones feelings, etc.. We hung this one in their room where the most arguments happen. Wish us luck!

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