Thursday, June 7, 2012

Graduation cupcakes

I think Hannah was feeling a little left out that Hailey got to take two sets of treats to school back to back. Since she is graduating first grade tomorrow, I thought I'd surprise her with this pin.  I started baking at 6 this morning so they would be cool enough to have the girls help me.

What you'll need:
Cup cakes
Mini M&M's
Reese's peanut butter cups (or brownie bites- either made or store bought from Safeway)
Chocolate covered graham crackers
Sour patch kid roll (each color strip cut separate for tassel)
Candy melts or extra frosting (to keep hats together)

bake cupcakes according to box. While they are cooling  I melted the candy melts into a zip loc. The girls and I had an assembly line on my counter top. I put the melts on the the bottom of the reeses cup (I left the wrapper on because the sides kept breaking when i took them off.) and placed the graham cracker on top. I added more candy melt to the top and each girl would put on a mini M&M and a sour patch string.

When the cakes were cool I frosted the cupcakes and added sprinkles. Originally it was supposed to be just around the rim....but they are six and four that's not gonna happen! Add graduation cap to the top of cupcake.
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