Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rapunzel's Floating lantern

We just finished our "Movie day" complete with nachos and popcorn. The movie, was Tangled. I love that movie.  I mean, obviously with my pascal stuffed animal in the kitchen ;) After the movie Hailey asked if we could make a floating lantern all of our own. Now, I don't want it to really float, but it would be fun to make a lantern for them.

I found a template for the star in a google search, and printed it out. Using scissors I carefully cut out the black. We didn't have tissue paper, but we did have light colored paper, which is thinner than construction paper and would "glow" when we put the light under it.  We glued it in and stapled the back together. For extra fun, we added a glow stick which is safer for the girls so they can play with them. They will shine better once it's night.
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