Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kaper chart

 My daughters Daisy troop leaders asked if I could help make a kaper chart for our troop. I was thrilled. I love crafting and I love helping out (especially when it involves crafting). She had one idea in mind, but didn't like the circles. She liked the one pin above but we didn't want to put a bunch of holes into the board. So we combined the two and got this:


We have:
Foam board
Bulletin board letters/ numbers
colored paper
gem daisys (found at Michaels)
Sharpie (to write with)
clothes pins

I made one flower pot and then traced out the rest. Next I made the blue ribbon for around the pot (enough for each one) and the bows separately glued on top. Next I made some leaves and stems out of green colored paper and glued them underneath the pots. After that I made a daisy and cut out several colors (enough for each chore: Pledge, Song leader, Snack/set up, Clean up, Closing, Promise,  Attendance, etc...) The gem daisys were beautiful and I had originally wanted to add a small paper daisy beneath them, but thought it dulled the sparkle. So we lefts them simple and wrote  each girls name on a clothes pin and called it a day.

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