Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

I'm not actually big on Valentines day. all I really want is a heart shaped pizza & to relax in my pj's and watch a movie. True story. My girls are still little and they are really into all Holidays. I wanted to surprise them this year with something small and handmade.

Attack of the Hearts 

Typically, this is called a "Heart Attack" but because we take that a little too seriously in our house (too many people passed away from one). We called it "Attack of the Hearts". Last week I cut out a bunch of hearts in various colors and sizes. In a sharpie I wrote a bunch of different things that I liked about each girl. (Great Artist, lovely smile, I like how you find the good in everything, caring, intelligent, beautiful, funny, etc..)  I never specified who was what. Except for the "Best (childs name). Ever" heart. This morning while they were sleeping I taped them to the door and closed it so that when they woke up in the morning they would have to open the door to see it.

Setting the scene
 I saw that one mom had taken and set their gifts up so that would be the first thing her kids saw and thought that was a really cute idea. I blew up the balloons with the left over helium from my daughters birthday party and tied them to the chair. They each got a bag of candy they really like to share.

 I made them each a pet bed for their American Girl Doll pets

Breakfast awaits
When they came out to the kitchen, they had their special breakfast of Crepes and hot cocoa.
Valentine Pakecakes
Egg on a Raft

Kid Hairstlye
We are known at our school for doing crazy festive hairstyles. It only seemed fitting to make my oldest daughters hair into a heart this morning...the picture is bad, I'll have a better one later

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