Monday, July 2, 2012

Brush your teeth sign

I'm a bit of a lunatic when it comes to dental hygiene. Maybe it's my own bad experiences as a child and even as an adult. I just know that I never want my girls to go through what I went through. I use to hyperventilate about going- even when I was in my twenties. I was never taught proper hygiene as a child and never told that I had to brush. Heck, I never went to the dentist unless there was a problem. But what's done is done.
As an adult with two children of my own I want them to know and not be afraid of the dentist. I've learned a lot about dentists in the last four years.  I want my girls to  learn to brush their teeth properly without rushing through it. So for kicks and  giggles I made this little sign based on the pintrest pin and added a bit of my own wording (because my girls would point out "it says nothing about brushing") I think it really puts things into perspective. I went to google and looked up clip art for teeth. Using paint on my computer I made my sign and hung it in the bathroom.

Here is my advice even if you didn't ask for it.:

1) Brush, floss and mouth wash your teeth twice a day for two minutes. The most important one is at night. (Floss, then brush, then mouthwash)
2) Juices and other sugary drinks are typically what cause front cavities.
3) Sticky things (such as granola, fruit snacks, gummie vitamins, dried fruits) Are what stick into the grooves of the molars and cause cavities.
4) It takes about 20 minutes for the foods in your mouth to turn to acids that cause cavities.
 6)Get childs dentist (not family). They are trained to work on childrens teeth.
7)Go to every six month appointment- although I have learned its not really necessary if you keep your hygiene up, I still do just because I'd rather catch a problem when it's small.
8) Try to make every experience fun and no stress. As long as you have a caring dentist, you should have no stress.
9)I recommend the book "Kiss your Dentist Goodbye" by Dr. Ellie She tells you the honest truth about dentists (some I've learned the hard way)

Happy Brushing!


  1. I always tells my kids to do it three times a day.
    whiter teeth

  2. We typically do as well. I know a lot of people aren't home for 3 times a day though. If they can't get in the morning and night it will help- especially night