Friday, July 20, 2012

Flounder Craft

Since Haileys Birthday is Little Mermaid I found this paper Flounder craft to hang along with my jelly fish.
We added a string to him so that he could be "swimming" in our tent for the party

The directions were simple enough: Print, color, cut and glue back together. The only tips I can give you if you refuse to print the instructions like I did because you didn't want to waste paper is this:
 *The top fins have an extra part that will eventually line up with the top of flounders head- You're going to want to stripe that yellow and blue. Not all blue like I did and then try to cover up my mistake by cutting out the spots that were supposed to be yellow and then accidentally cutting too much.

*Other tip: Flounders face pokes OUT... not in. hahaha

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