Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello Kitty cupcake cake

So it's not really Hailey's birthday until next month but her best friend is going on vacation and will not be able to make it. We decided to have a small celebration with just them to make sure they did something together. For awhile now she has been going back and forth between Ariel and Hello Kitty for her party. After I saw this cupcake cake on pintrest I knew this would be nice to make for the park

I got up a little early (not really for me- but for most people they think 6am is early.) and started my fun-da-middles  cupcakes (those ones with the cream filling baked inside). I like those because to only makes 12 and when I didn't want a lot of left overs it would be perfect.

Well, it wasn't becasue I was up at 6am before drinking coffee and mixed the oil and water measurements up...Yeah, that really does make a difference. The cupcake comes out really dry and gross. So I sadly tossed those out and made a new batch. While they were cooking I made the Wilton Butter Cream. Here is also a tip. If your butter cream is soft looking like this:

it isn't going to want to decorate well. Add a little more powder sugar until it's stiffer, like this:

 This thickness (to me) is more ideal for decorating because I use less and the decorations (such as flowers)  decorate better.

 After the cupcakes were cooked and cooled I placed them in the travel case I had. Here is the thing people don't think about when they are making a cupcake cake: You can't line them straight like this:

If you do the icing will start falling through the holes after a little while. You have to have them fill in the gaps, like this:

Anyway I typically  put a lot of icing in the center and smooth it around with my spatula to give it a base. Then I take the picture I want and with a tooth pick I sketch it into the base. This time around I'm using the star tip  and making little swirls (typically I color the cake in with more smooth icing).

I just keep going in circles with the icing until I'm done

Then I added the face and outlines. By this point I had used 4 cups of powder sugar and was not interested in giving the kids a bunch of extra sugar. So we put some light pink sprinkles around the edge instead.

My other cupcake cakes

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