Monday, August 27, 2012

Pillsbury Donuts

My sister in law (go Candon!) told me that her mom use to make these all the time. 

What you need:
Cinnamon sugar in a bowl
Oil for frying
Grands biscuits- homestyle
melted butter for dunking

I really hate when I go to make something and there is not directions. Yes, I know there are pictures, but still.Anyway I opened and separated my Pillsury grands dinner biscuits. I used my fondant circle cutters  and cut out the centers to make the biscuits look more like donuts. We decided to use our shaped fondant cutters too!

As I was doing that I heated some oil in a frying pan on medium (about 6). Cooked both sides of the donuts

(don't forget the holes!)

Then we let them cool.  dipped them in some melted butter and then into the cinnamon and sugar mix..

 We also made a just sugar mix- because well that's also a classic.

Verdict: I guess I just don't have the stomach for these. They tasted good (mainly of butter and sugar)- but I could only eat about 3/4 of one.

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