Monday, August 13, 2012

Rebuilding old lego kits

I admit I've been on vacation and since coming back I've grown quite lazy about getting stuff done. This my friends was a big pin.

Okay now, awhile back I rebuilt our Emma lego friends' car. Now I had a bigger problem. We have four Lego kits that don't have the instructions anymore either! Luckily I found out has scanned in a lot of the old kits instructions. You go to their site and download them for free.  Since we had nothing much else to do this summer we spent the next couple of hours sorting the lego blocks by colors and then rebuilding.

We found out that we're missing quite a bit of pieces. will also send you replacement parts for a small fee. In order to get quite a bit of the pieces  I'm missing it'll cost me $26 (the price I was quoted). I think I said I was missing about 50-60 pieces. All things considered that's not too bad of a price. I might just go to the store and pick them up myself.

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