Friday, August 3, 2012

Sea Life Ariel Cake

As you're gathering, our birthday theme is The Little Mermaid. This new fondant mold from Wilton is perfect for our Ariel birthday cake.

I have my layers ready and cooled (here is why there is bread on my cakes). I began icing the cakes using my chocolate butter cream.

  Then I decided to make some of the small embellishment before coloring the whole thing blue for the sea

So I didn't know that you're supposed to be like a "Medium" expert on cake decorating to use this. I figure I've used fondant once before, I can do this. Then I read the back of the packaging and it says it works best with  other special tools Wilton sells (but doesn't give you) Go figure from Wilton. I'm slowly not a fan of theirs. Annnyway: It's about 90+ degrees in my house, it's a little humid since the oven has been used for the cake, etc...

I colored my fondant pink and pressed it lightly in the mold. it worked!

The reviews said the waves and the seaweed type stuff is difficult to work with and get out in one piece. So I tried it

the pieces were breaking out. So I decided to try to just put pieces of the fondant into the mold, little bits at a time to see it that helped.

The second round:

all but one tiny piece came out. The rest were hit and miss.

Next it was time to cover my cake in fondant. I don't typically use the fondant smoother, but I tried it and it wreaked the corner, exposing the chocolate butter cream and leaving my slightly hyperventilating and wondering what I should do next.

Sadly I decided to use chocolate butter cream (which I'm now learning is frowned upon). Which only made me freak out a little more. So I covered my second layer and then re-did the first one after taking a "cool down because it's freaking hot and I don't work well in heat" break.

All in all this round of fondant was a little trickier to use than the last time I worked with it , probably the heat. I also noticed after taking off the ripped fondant that it was thicker than the rest of them.

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 UPDATED: The birthday girl loved it. I took it to the party (even though I wasn't happy with it) Everyone else at the party seemed impressed not only by the decoration, but the flavor inside. I am pretty sure the reason I had so many problems are these: 1) I was in a hurry to finish because I had to wait all day to make the stupid cake. 2) It was incredibly hot in my apartment (being it is August and I'm on the 3rd floor). If I had just taken the time to think I would have known to put the AC on.

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