Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Back to School Fairy

So I wish I had seen this BEFORE dear old mom took the girls back to school shopping. So in the website, the woman gets a brown bag and puts new outfits and school supplies for her children into them. Then the Back to school fairy drops it off at their house. It is a super cute idea and I just loved it.  I had to make a spin on the whole thing since there was no way  I was going out to buy even more clothes. So I decided our  back to school fairy simply set everything up for the first day of school. Much like how our tooth fairy gives them $1 and a book and Jimmy down the street gets $20! Call me cheap- it's cool.

So anyway, I've been putting off pulling out their backpacks and tote bag stating that it's in a box under a lot of stuff and "I'm just not getting it out right now" Finally the girls were asleep and I needed to get into action. During the last couple of days I've been secretly sharpening brand new pencils in another room while they watched a movie or practiced in their workbooks. This afternoon I pulled out the backpacks and hid them behind clothes in the closet. Once they fell asleep I quietly pulled them out and placed them against the couch along with: their lunchboxes (which are packed and in the fridge until morning), first day of school outfit, shoes and a jacket.  With a note  about enjoying their first day of school!

In their lunchboxes I left a little note from me with a Hershey's kiss saying that I loved them and missed them and couldn't wait to give them a real hug and kiss.

The only other part that made me smile was when the back to school fairy left their American Girl Dolls some new stuff. Now, as I've already said I'm not made of money (if you are we'll be best friends). So instead of new clothes the dolls got their own accessories for a new school year!

I simply printed this page out, cut the yellow and purple copies and glued it all down.  Their dolls already had backpacks that I made. So the supplies just went inside. I fake laminated the  calculator, ruler and ID card by using packaging tape and re-cutting them out.

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