Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Barn door

So, my kindergarteners class is learning about farm animals. To end the unit they were supposed to go to the zoo...now, they are having a petting zoo come to out school for the kids. They enlisted the room parents (i.e. me and a few other moms) to help them prepare for this event.

The first thing I thought of was a cute little back drop (barn) So I started searching pintrest for everything, it's like my google. I found a few I liked, but also kinda chose to switch it up a bit.


First thing I had to do was get the supplies from the school. I took two red sheets of paper and cut them longer than a door. I also brought home some white and yellow. Oh, and brown and black construction paper for the roof and window.

When I got home I placed one on top of the other and made a slight angle (roof) and then a flat top (also roof) Then I unfolded them , lined them up and taped them down. It should look like this:


To make the bard door and shutter for the top, I accordion style folded the white paper (then realized it was too thick and had to fold that in half too) Remember: it's always better to have it a little too big so you can cut it down rather than have to start over because it's too small.


 So this is where it got annoying and kinda tricky. You can place the lines down to show the door, but don't glue it down unless you're starting with the X's first. I accidentally started with the vertical lines and then when I tried to pull it up I pulled up some of the red too. So again: make the doors, start by gluing (or taping) the X's first, then the frame.

For the hay I cut the yellow into rectangles (then I thought they were a little big and cut them down a little-I used the scraps for the chicken coop in the window) To give it a frayed edge I snipped it with my scissors really crazy and then added black sharpie marks as the twine.
Roof: Brown construction paper folded into 1/4's  and taped down.
The window is a kinda square black piece, with some left over white strips as shutters (black sharpie drawn in) Some left over hay and a thin brown strip . I found a chicken coloring page, made it a little bigger in paint, printed it and colored it in. Then I added the outline again with sharpie.


farm animal hats,
 barn door back drop.
Twig frame
Salt Dough animals
Pony rides
Petting zoo
Lasso the cows (Cow cut outs and hula hoops)
Line Dancing
Sack races
Horse shoes

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