Monday, March 4, 2013

French Wraps

I really wanted to get my nails done. I have not had them done since I got married almost 8 years ago! I saw this packaged online and thought it had solid reviews, but I was afraid I was going to mess up. Amazingly enough I pintrest searched it and found the youtube version by the manufacture. Brilliant!

 What you'll need:
Nail Bliss French Wrap kit
Cuticle pusher
Cuticle cutter
Nail Clippers
Hand Sanitizer
Nail polish remover and cotton ball.

Step one:
Wash your hands with non oil soap and water. Push back cuticles and cut away.

Trim nails if you need to ( I wish I had not because I learned later these were not extensions). File them with the white file on the number side. Sanatize hands.
Find the nail that fits you best. It should cover the whole nail. If you can't find the right size, go a little smaller. Use the pink file (number side) and buff the nails. Use the glue on the SIDES ONLY of your real nail AND on the WHOLE white part of the nail. Push Nail bliss down and smooth starting from center outward (repeat 2 or 3 times). Let set for  a few minutes.  Use nail clippers and clip under the nail bliss nail. File down. Use the #1 nail polish for one coat, let dry then use #2 up to two coats. Let dry.

The only disappointment I have in them is: I thought they were fake nails (like an extension of my own). They are not. However, next time they will be nicer because my real nails will grow better :)

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