Sunday, March 24, 2013

Growing Carrots

So We have always wanted to grow carrots. I've heard it's very hard and that you really should use sand. I saw this pin and thought we had to try again.

Day one: March 23rd
First thing first: we needed a soda container. Now, that actually is hard for us because we typically don't drink soda/drinks in a 2 liter. But, because of Super Bowl I won a free Pepsi Next and so we drank it (not bad) and then used the container.


Check back during the next few months to watch it grow!

April 11th:
We went away on vacation for spring break and were surprised to see our garden in bloom!

You CAN see the roots starting:

May 5th:

May 16th
(notice how clean and sharp the photo is from my phones camera?? Amazing)

May 31st. Loot at those roots!

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