Tuesday, May 14, 2013

M&M Probability

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Alright so my Kindergartener wanted to enter the Science fair like her sister. We decided to do something fun and well, kind of easy for her first time.   Then we found this pin on pintrest and we were set.

First, we  needed a cool looking display. I went onto google and found M&M's in black and white and in paint made a boarder that my daughter had to color and fill in (hypothesis, conclusion, etc...). To make the graph I went into excel and used the "boarders all around" until I hit the numbers I wanted. (If you're doing the giant party bag, it is best to wait until you have all the numbers calculated before making your graph).


Originally, we started off with 5 bags of plain M&M's (2 king size, one fun size, and 3 regular). We counted those up and recorded our answers on the graphs I made.
Then we decided to "go big" and bought the party size bags (buy one get one free at Staples) in plain and peanut flavored. We separated those by color and then tallied it up. That one took a LONG time. Imagine 300+ M&M's in just one color!!


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