Thursday, May 16, 2013

Oven Baked S'mores

So yesterday was National Chocolate Chip Day and we decided to make baked s'mores. It seems simple enough.

Here is what you need:

Graham Crackers
Hershey Kisses


Turn oven onto broil. While it is heating up, break apart the graham crackers and place on cookie sheet. Place marshmallows  on top (if they are big, cut them in half).  We only had mini's but they still worked.
Place them into the oven and KEEP WATCH!!!!! They can and will burn if you do not get to them fast enough.

After they are out of the oven (should look golden brown) Place a Hershey Kiss (or some dark chocolate, like my daughter) ontop so that it's kinda melty and enjoy :)

Verdict: Meh. I'm sorry I didn't like them- the graham cracker was soft, and the chocolate didn't melt at all & the marshmallows burn taste was well, oven...

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