Thursday, May 23, 2013

Teach the days of the week

Now, my kinder knows the days of the week. I swear. She however doesn't really know what day it physically is when we're on it. I saw this pin and though it would be perfect for us. I'm not particularly religious and so using the original posters was not exactly an option for me. But That's OK. I went to word, typed the days of the week, enlarged them and placed a box around them. I then searched for backpack clip art and made my chose, pasted it into the word doc. and made it smaller. For the weekend I didn't really know what to put, so I followed in foot with the original blogger by making a happy face. Everyone is excited when it's the weekend.

After printing the sheet you can either leave it as is or let the child color the backpacks different colors. I decided to mount mine onto scrap booking paper to make it a little more interesting.

This is why I loved this project: The clips. They are super easy. Take 3 and paint them (for faster painting, clip them to a glass cup so you can paint both sides at one time). When they are dry add the words: Today is, Yesterday was, tomorrow is.


  1. I like this idea! I am working with my 4 yr old grandson and he just doesn't get it lol..maybe this will help. Thank you!