Thursday, September 20, 2012

Color mixings

I admit- I don't always got to the original source- especially if there is a description in the pin. I worry about spam, etc.. I took the pins advice and filled 6 cups full of water. Next I asked my youngest what are teh primary colors. We then  put food coloring dots into three.

We took the paper towels and placed once side in the color spot, the other end in plain water and waited for it to soak  up and go over to the second cup of water,

Then I realized it's supposed to be an empty cup. So, we re started...the water wasn't soaking all the way up the paper towel and well, we were getting a little impatient. So we submerged the yellow and red paper towels and let them drip into the empty one- essentially making orange.

Then we wanted to make some green too.

All in all the pin was kinda cool- but not as exciting as the pin claimed it to be.

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