Thursday, September 6, 2012

Keeping a bobby pin in place

My daughter and I have pretty thin/fine hair. Hers is actually worse than mine in the sense that a bobby pin never stays in her hair. Or it stays and the hair just slips right out. Which is bad because then her hair is in her face. Which means mornings of  10 minutes spent on french braided pigtails or side braids (which gets old not only for her who has to sit still, but for me who somehow runs behind every morning now). Today I decided to see if this pin would actually work for her at school

So we sprayed the bobby pins on a paper towel with some hairspray. We let it set, and stuck them in her hair- and sprayed her head some more for good measure. I sent her to school and after  7 hours the results are in :

They moved (not sure if she moved them or not- she had to have because one is now missing...)and her hair looks like she stuck her head out the window on the freeway...

Trial number two: coming soon

It didn't stay either. This time she didn't touch it. I guess we'll have to find other bobby pins? The mom on the youtube video recommended the Sally brand

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