Thursday, September 13, 2012

Regular Baked Potato


Baking Potatoes
Olive oil, vegetable oil, or butter
Coarse salt or sea salt (optional)

Clean the potato under COLD running water using a scrub brush- do not soak the potatoes this will make them soggy.  Once fully clean, dry with a pat towel and remove any blemishes you want. Pierce each potato with a fork or knife- going deep into the potato. Apparently if you do not do this it can and has exploded in the oven.

For a soft skin rub butter or oil all over the skin and coat with coarse salt. Bake:

For about a 5 ounce potato:
45 mins at 400
60 minutes at 350
90 minutes at 325

Verdict: These were good! a little too much salt (my fault) but still good and admittedly, my first baked potato, ever!

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