Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Bowling


I am getting ready for not only our Halloween party (the first one we've ever thrown!) and the schools Halloween party. We needed games and I saw this pin and likes it- sort of. I decided to alter it a little bit to more of my liking.

I took the toilet paper rolls and wrapped them in colored parchment type paper, tapped them and folded the tops and bottoms down like I was wrapping a present. Make sure they are flat because you'll need to stack them.

Then added the faces I used Sharpie for the eyes:
A Bat ( Black paper, white eyes and pointed teeth) 
 a ghost  (white paper black circular eyes and an oval mouth
Jack Skellington (white paper, black eyes and nose, mouth drawn on with sharpie, 
purple monsters (purple paper, white eyes, jagged hair and "stitched mouth") 
and a jack o'lantern. We also are using a Styrofoam pumpkin instead of real because seven and eight year old boys are not exactly easy on things.

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