Monday, October 22, 2012

Learning to tie shoes

Part of Kindergarten homework is a month worth of activies that the stuedent does and checks off.  This is the 3rd time "tie your shoes" has shown up and the first time I've attempted to teach my youngest how. Through the help of two pintrest pins we're on our way.

first I took an empty cereal box, cut it open and folded the longest piece in half. I taped it down and traced a shoe onto the board. Then I kind of drew a "shoe" onto it. After that we added holes with a pair of scissors and  laced the shoe up. After that we took a black sharpie and colored half the laces (this way the kids get the idea of which string it which side)

 Once our little cardboard shoe was made, we watched the video- 3 different techniques on how to tie shoes.

Out of all of them the bunny ears was the easiest for her!

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