Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween Hair


I remember seeing this back in December and thinking that I just had to do this to Hannah's hair. We were going to do it yesterday on the 1st of October, but it was picture day.

The Princess Piggies website is pretty dang amazing. She has so many different hairstyles for all the Holidays (more that we will be doing!) Since Hannah doesn't have as much hair and she also didn't like that the pigtatils started at the very top of her head I had to improvise. I  First I sprayed her hair and got it wet. Then I made her hair into Swedish Piggies.  Basically you start with a pony tail on either side of the head and sweep the hair in opposite directions into  a new pony tail.
Make sure to spray it with hair spray. Then add the toy rings, etc... we were going to add bows- but we thought it was a bit much. Plus I was sending her to school like this we figured keep it simple (enough) and 50+ second graders might leave her hair alone.
 **If you found this fun, interesting or anything else, please follow me. Make sure to come back because we'll be doing all sorts of hair styles for the Holidays**

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